Transition Dorking Newsletter 13


Next Transition Thursday on Energy

Orchard Work Parties

Public Consultation

Food Float Launch this Saturday

Transition Bookham Event

And more…

A few words from the team… on mental frost-bite.

As Dorking lights and shadows reappear in the long awaited sunshine, we couldn’t help noticing how affected everyone has been by the last two months’ weather.

It has been over eight weeks now, and this morning the water had frozen again

in the rain butts. We are used to miserable weather in this country, but not to

freezing miserable weather, not for that long anyway. So, just in case you were

wondering if there is something wrong with you feeling tired and on slow gear, don’t

worry, we have all been the same. As the

sun gets back in the picture, energies are picking up, heads are thinking

straighter, everything looks much less daunting, except the gas and electricity

bills. Talking of which…

Next Transition Thursday Event: Energy (and how to save it)

On Thursday 18th March our event night will be dedicated to Energy saving. We are delighted to have Graeme Kane, Mole Valley Council environmental

officer, as our main speaker.

As well as talking about his work to help our council reduce its environmental impact, Graeme will also outline some existing and future

initiatives which are aimed at helping all residents in Mole Valley

live and work more sustainably. This is your chance to influence the

development of these initiatives and perhaps to become more directly involved

in implementing them. There will be an opportunityfor questions and informal

discussion with Graeme and the Transition Dorking Energy Descent Group.

If I may be bold enough, I’ll add this: this talk is a real treat. One may think: complex topic, council officer to explain, mmmm. But I have seen

Graeme talk, and I can tell you that he has a rare talent: he could make any

topic captivating and accessible. Even if he did a lecture on the growing

stages of the barnacle in north Siberia, I

would go, because I know I would have an interesting and pleasant time. We look

forward to hearing him: we know we’ll go home with a much clearer idea of what

to do, and all fired up with a calm, positive attitude. Start time: 8pm, at the

Friends Meeting House, Butter Hill, South

Street, Dorking.

Two work parties/training opportunities at the Community Orchard

It’s planting time! The Orchard team is grinning in anticipation : young fruit trees will be planted this coming Sunday, 7th March, kick off at 11am . Nearly

40 planting stations have been prepared last time, and all the protection

equipment and mulch is ready to go in. This is a party not to miss. We have

requested special sunny weather for the occasion, fingers crossed. But even if

it were pouring with icy rain, it wouldn’t be surprising to see many of the

Orchard team still turn up determined to have their fun. Pruning skills will

also be taught this Sunday. More to come the following week, on 14th March from

12pm to 3pm: a 5 hour course at the Orchard to learn the basics of pruning, led

by tree expert Dr Alessandra Valsecchi and sponsored by East Surrey College. Of

course you are always more than welcome to join, regardless of your skill

levels. For more information and time schedule, you can visit our website: c

Thanks to some generous donations made to the Orchard Friends and a grant award form the Orchid Trust, Community Foundation for Surrey, the

Community Orchard is now going full spead ahead and has its independent bank

account and insurance. If you are interested in becoming a Friend of the

Orchard, visit our website or email

Public Consultation in Dorking today and tomorrow

Just a quick (but important) reminder about public consultation taking place until 31st March, but with a chance to talk directly to officers and

councillors involved in the preparation of the Area Action Plan, today till 4pm

and tomorrow from 10am to 3pm at the former nightingale shop on St Martin’s

walk. If you can’t make it, you can still participate online, here is the link:

The more of us share their views on the future of our town, the better, particularly to contribute to the bigger picture: these 15 coming years could well be

crucial: how we plan strategies now will influence heavily whether we come out

resilient and thriving in a decade, when the whole economic landscape has

shifted. Strong public support for sustainable choices will help the officers

working on the AAP carry them through.

Food Float: Kick off tomorrow!

One special team has got butterflies in their tummies today: our friends from the Food Float are about to launch! Tomorrow from 9 am till 2pm, a gorgeous machine, formerly known as milk float, will be attended by volunteers

and display local organic food, such as bread, honey, jam, eggs and more. After months of hard work, this great initiative is ready… to float! Many of us will be there tomorrow, for support, but most of all to buy the cakes! Come early!

If you want to see pictures of the Food Float pre-launch on Gala night, you can visit the community network Dorkinian on and click on “photos” on the top menu.

Transition Bookham first public event this Saturday

And another special team has butterflies in their tummies too, not very far! Transition Bookham got to such an energetic start that they are already doing their first public film screening this coming Saturday 13th March. They will show The Power of Community, an excellent documentary about how Cuba coped and changed when cheap oil from the Soviet Union suddenly stopped flowing in back in 1991. The screening will be followed by Q&A and a few words from TD co-founder Andy Tanner. The event will take place from 7:30 pm to 9:30 pm at

the Baptist Church, Lower Road, Bookham.

For more information, visit:

And last but not least, a special message to forward around:

Help wanted, no experience needed!

We need help to progress various projects currently underway with the Transition Dorking Facilitation Group.

2009 was a busy and rewarding year working on establishing Transition Dorking: meeting people, trying out ideas, sorting out public and group

meetings, looking at how best to communicate, organising our first events to

raise awareness and starting our first projects. This year the challenges are

slightly different, we are trying to both widen and deepen our appeal to the

community, this is already happening and there are some fantastic initiatives

in the pipeline for 2010, the limiting factor is now becoming the amount of

work (already substantial), that the Facilitation and Comms Groups can handle.

Skills are not that important compared to enthusiasm and many of us have learn’t, and are still learning, new skills. There is no set hierarchy and

people tend to gravitate to where their interests lie. The skills you pick up

or bring with you could also help you in developing a hobby, boosting your cv

or changing your career, it will certainly be interesting and you can get

involved as much or as little as you like.

The vibrancy and success of Transition Dorking ultimately depends upon its uptake by people in the community. If you would like to help please contact


Regular meetings and contact details

The team meets every 1st Thursday at the Friends Meeting House, Butter Hill, South Street, for an open meeting. All are welcome.

The 3rd Thursday of every month is now dedicated to special guests and events (see above), all welcome.

If you are interested in joining the Stitch up team, Orchard team or Energy team, email us and we’ll put you in touch with the volunteers running

those groups.

Until the summer, the Transition Drinks will happen on an occasional basis rather than the previous regular slots. We will announce them two weeks

in advance on our website.

You can visit our website:

You can contact us by email:

(if any any point you wish to stop receiving opur newsletter, just email us the word “unsubscribe” at the address above).

Or by phone: 07724 432441 (if you are concerned about the cost of the call, we are happy to take your number and call you right back).

You can also visit our group on Facebook (Transition Dorking).

We thank you again for your support.

Kind regards from

the Transition Dorking Team

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