Meeting Report of 8 March 2010

Five of us met over redbush tea, home-made mead (courtesy of Jonathan) and coffee cake.

We talked about interstitial spaces, transtition network’s new website, Garden Share, House to Dwelling, Farnham Carnival 2010, Save the Children’s new look at Population, and Events.

Interstitial Spaces

Ian showed his posters, photos and maps of the Chantreys site. He has several youngsters from the youth club involved and Alex provided useful ideas at a recent meeting.

Actions: Taff to help canvassing opinions from residents adjacent to the site; Robert to approach Travis Perkins, whose site is also adjacent, for sponsorship or assistance.

Transition Network

The international network is now asking each Transition initiative to fill in its details on their site at We made a start on Farnham’s contribution. This should make it easier for people who reach the Transition Network web site to find their nearest Transition group and helps inform everyone about what is going on around the world.

Garden Share

We agreed that Jonathan needs an event to restart work on his garden vegetable plot. It should put the ‘party’ back into Work Party. Date TBA. Taff suggested a seed-swap event or tool-exchange.

House to Dwelling

Robert explained how he is remodelling his house from one intended for “a family raising two children” to something more appropriate to his lifestyle. The garden will involve digging up the front lawn, partly as a protest against excessing mowing of grass by the council; a Dragon Path; bees and a bog garden. We discussed the need for more community-oriented housing and the difficulty of summoning up self-motivation when lacking team spirit. This is a similar problem to that of getting Jonathan’s vegetable plot working again – but without the excuse of inclement weather.

Farnham Carnival 2010

The Carnival will take place this year on 26 June on the theme ‘Fashions Through the Ages’, Paul announced. We need to start thinking about what to do for this. Last year we made fresh apple juice, asked people about the fruit trees in their gardens and handed out information. Fresh ideas are welcome.

Save the Children takes a fresh look at Population

Taff reported that Save the Children UK has just published a Policy Brief document on Population. This is a bold step for such a charity. Most shy away from the subject out of a misplaced fear of alienating their supporters. The briefing is short, pithy and rebuts the usual objections raised against efforts to stabilise the world’s population. Unlike the woolly Oxfam document, unrevised since 1996, this one makes Save the Children’s call to action clear under three headings:

– Focus on the rights of women and young girls

– Prioritise reproductive health in maternal and child survival strategies

– Improve access to and use of family planning


Please monitor the Events section on the Ning site. The most important upcoming event is the presentation about the Transition Movement to Farnham Society on Wed. 17 March.

Report by Taff.

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