Notes from last night’s meeting

Alcoholic beverages flowing freely at the Barn last night — organic of course!

We talked about:

  • the presentation to the Farnham Society this Wednesday
  • the 2020 vision for Farnham
  • the new Transition Network website
  • a new ‘interstitial space’

For more details, read on…

Presentation to Farnham Society on Wednesday

Paul is going to check and see whether we have any leaflets left.

Finn is going to print some more.

Finn is going to email the form we used for registering interest at the original film showings to David, who will adjust as necessary and print and bring 4 or 5 copies for Wednesday.

2020 Vision for Farnham

Finn is going to contact ‘biscuit’ at the UCA to see whether we can raise interest there to support this video project.

Transition Network website

David has started to populate the site with our projects. ;

Contact him if you would like your project added to the site.

Interstitial Site

Chris Secker may have identified another ‘interstitial’ site which could be used for growing food, this time in Wrecclesham.

David is going to tell Bysh about it.

Chicken Tractor

Finn regaled the meeting with stories of how he is using a ‘chicken tractor’ (a permaculture idea) to weed and prepare his vegetable patch — and very successfully too!

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