Painting the town Green

Here’s a rather interesting report on “How to persuade people to be environmentally friendly”.

Top tips (in summary) are:

– show how it is in people’s interest

– don’t tell, discuss: create a two-way dialogue/conversation

– it’s not about right and wrong it’s about good and better

– move from head to heart: touch emotions, inspire

– focus on positivity, optimism and human ingenuity

– keep it local, so people see the effect on them

– promote a positive vision of a better way of doing things

– present the environmental approach as gaining not giving up: doing things differently, not stopping

– build on what people already agree: that green living is sensible, healthy and makes you feel good

– look for tangible benefits for individuals

– help people understand, decide for themselves what to do, and be recognised for having done it

– create a sense of “every little helps”

– develop “brands” that make it simple and attractive for people

– customise for the people you are talking to

– stop pretending that the environment is the only issue that matters

– push for government labelling

– make it easy for people

– introduce a ‘green starter kit’

– create a bandwagon for people to jump on

– get into popular culture

– promote bottom-up buzz

– keep a broad church

– widen it

– build bridges to others

– work with established culture and processes

– provide solutions, not problems

– learn from what works

– be pragmatic

– don’t be distracted by detractors

– set an example for others to follow

I’m not sure I agree with all of these points. And I definitely don’t think that we need quite so many of them. But an interesting starting point for discussion, certainly.

More details in the report, page 41.

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