“When all flights are grounded…”

For the full article, click here: http://www.ooffoo.com/listing/When-All-Flights-Are-Grounded.aspx

“Dear Prime Minister,

“When all flights are grounded, we will not understand. We will feel that the world as we know it is tumbling down. We will protest about the restriction of freedom and demand our right to travel where we choose. There will be petitions, maybe riots; we will not know how to contain our anger. You must be ready for this.

“When the great giant chain stores clear out, we will holler for their return….

“When pineapples and coffee disappear from the shelves and when animal protein becomes rare, … there will be outrage.

“[But] Later, as we are forced to adapt and as we notice ourselves becoming stronger, more interesting, more skilled human beings, we will sorrow at how much we wasted – not just of our precious natural world that can never be refurbished, but how much we wasted of ourselves. How we contorted ourselves out of all proportion to fit a system which made no sense when actually it was our authentic selves and our passion that were needed….

“Later, when we equitably share our skills, our products and our time, when our material needs are met and when that deep feeling of safety and sufficiency is our core, we will shake our heads and smile as we remember how we once thought plastic could buy our happiness. “

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