Notes from last night’s meeting

A good meeting last night, with six people turning up (and a seventh at the end!) to discuss a lively variety of topics.

I also sold four boxes of eggs, and will bring more next time — sorry!

We talked about the plans to build the composting factory in Runfold, and the Waverley Housing Consultation.

We talked about In-Vessel Composting plans for South Runfold

We agreed that the summary already on this site was a good one, but we felt we could add:

  1. IF the plan is accepted, require that materials only arrive by train, not lorry
  2. IF the plan is accepted, only accept local waste
  3. IF the plan is accepted, convert the site from composting (which uses energy) to:

We agreed that there are four options for action:

  1. Write to Pat Frost, both as individuals and as a group. She is paid to represent us, she understands the system, and if we give her the information/ideas she can put them to best use.
  2. Come along to the Waverley meeting on 22 April. Educate the officers there so that they understand how the future is going to change, and can take that information into the decisions they take.
  3. Change the system so that decisions are taken by the people affected by them
  4. Invent a local-scale composting facility and sell it across the country so that everyone composts their own waste, converting it energy for themselves, and there is no left-over waste to transport to giant facilities like this one.

As a second topic we talked about the Waverley Housing Consultation that ends tomorrow.

If you want to comment you need to do so today!

The link is here:

and the consultation portal is here:

The best way forward seems to be to approve the eco-housing/town on Dunsfold Aerodrome!

We agreed that other plans, for example to build on the fields behind Beavers Road and on the river terraces around Coxbridge Farm were completely misplaced, since they would put houses onto our best food-growing land.

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