To buy or not to buy — a new (replacement) car

That is my question, because our experiment of having a one-car household has lasted five months and is beginning to creak.

It worked well over Christmas, when neither of us was travelling very much, and we have managed to make it work either side of then by creating a car diary and using public transport more.

Public transport is actually quite good for most of the time, though not frequent enough. But it does not allow for when Eloise needs to move stock about, which is happening more and more. So I am going to have to buy a car again.

Actually, do I ‘have’ to? On my permaculture course over the weekend we asked, what price can petrol go to before you would say “it is too expensive” and you would choose to get rid of your car?One person had asked themselves that question 2 years ago, when petrol was 84p a litre and his answer then was £1.20. Of course it hit that price last week, so he is seriously considering whether the time has come to get rid of his car. It is hard, of course. Culturally.

So, here I am thinking of buying a car when the price of petrol seems to be going up by a penny a fortnight (which means over £1.50 by the end of the year) and Richard Branson has joined others in predicting that oil supply will be less than demand in under five years time. In which case it won’t be the price we are worrying about it will be getting hold of any at all.

In these circumstances, am I mad to be buying a car at all?

One tool that I am finding fascinating and getting my keyboard around is:

I am looking for something I can transport 3 kids 2 adults and a dog in, plus luggage from time to time.
All suggestions for good buys (second hand I think!) and/or other solutions, most welcome.

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