What would it take to create a transitioned Waverley?

Given that tonight we are going to be chatting with members of Waverley Borough Council, it might be an idea to have some ideas in the backs of our minds about what kinds of things they might want to do to create a Transitioned Waverley.

Of course, tonight we are there to listen, not to tell. But if they turned round and said, “OK, I hear what you are saying. Tell me now what I ought to be doing when I come in to work tomorrow morning” what would we say?

Here are some thought starters from our meeting on Monday, plus additional suggestions from Transition towns Godalming and Haslemere:

First Draft for discussion, Transition Towns Farnham Haslemere and Godalming, April 2010



  • Make more land available for allotments
  • Plant edible trees (fruit & nuts) in public spaces
  • Provide land for Community Supported Agriculture projects (like the Farnham Local Food Initiative)
  • Map and promote local food networks: producers, retailers, consumers


  • Build/enable biomass plants to convert local wood (eg from Alice Holt forest) into electricity and heat
  • Build/enable anaerobic digesters to create gas and energy from sewage and household waste


  • Implement the Greenways project in Farnham, and other non-motor routes
  • Install recharging points for electric vehicles
  • More public transport, including “cross-border” public transport, and better information systems
    (such as the rest of Surrey already has)
  • Cycle training and cycle maintenance schemes


  • Insulate the public housing stock — rooves, walls, windows (already partly done, I know)
  • Install solar photovoltaic panels (‘solar PV’) on public housing to earn 7% interest Feed-in-Tariff returns for the council, and reduce bills for tenants
  • Copy what Camden Council have already done and provide long term loans to Waverley residents/businesses for sustainable energy projects, such that monthly energy savings are more than the monthly loan repayments, and boosting the local economy through the installation work
  • Install solar thermal when similar government scheme comes in next year — money for council and reduced bills for tenants
  • Begin phased introduction/replacement of heating systems in council buildings with wood pellet/chip boilers and/or ground-source heat pumps as appropriate


  • Train local people in self-sufficiency skills such as food growing
  • Use ‘green’ initiatives to get more money circulating in the local economy
  • Consider introducing a local currency for Waverley to keep it circulating locally
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