Meeting with Waverley

A very positive meeting last night with Waverley, I thought.

I didn’t manage to talk to everyone, but some of the things I picked up during the evening (and can still remember) are:

  • Waverley is going to install two recharging points for electric vehicles in Central Car Park in Farnham
  • They will also be introducing in June a pilot scheme for collecting household waste.
    (They will be taking it to Slyfield in Guidlford to be composted instead of using anaerobic digestion to make natural gas from it, but that’s maybe something for the full scheme.) The pilot will run in Farnham, Godalming, Haslemere and Cranleigh
  • They are improving local democracy by screening videos of council meetings on the web
  • They will be introducing a local e-petition service so that, as we already can sign petitions to Number 10, we will be able to petition the council about issues we care about, and if enough people sign then the council will have to reply within a certain number of days
  • They are introducing an on-line business directory which is aimed at improving business to business trade within Waverley
  • The council buildings in Godalming already have solar panels heating all their hot water
  • They investigating/planning to install more on some of their outlying buildings, in some cases using the hot water to heat the (small) building as well
  • Waverley is the most wooded borough in the most wooded county in Britain. “We don’t want to plant any more trees — just leave a patch of land bare for a few years and trees will appear.” This means their focus is currently on removing trees to protect heathland, but it is good news when the time comes for us to grow trees for energy, and food.
  • They are already involving businesses in sponsoring events that promote and enhance community
  • They already run training schemes across the Borough that could be useful in re-skilling our population
  • And when I talked about having a local currency for Waverley, they didn’t run screaming from the building! (To me it would be stronger than a currency for a single town — and surely the reason Waverley exists as a Borough at all is because historically our towns and villages traded together and formed some kind of unit, separate from the towns around us?)

Anyway, those are some of the points I picked up during the evening.

Transition Towns Godalming and Haslemere were there as well, plus Friends of the Earth and a number of Waverley Councillors.

Rome wasn’t built in a day, but I was surprised by how much Waverley are doing already, and by the (apparent) keen-ness to do more.

We shall see what happens next.

Other attendees were Eloise, David, Jonathan, Tom and Casper, with apologies from Gayle who unfortunately turned out to have “one of those days”.Please do add your own comments/blog if you have time 🙂

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