Round up from Transition Farnham: Waverley Meeting // Transition Conference 2010 // New Yoga Class // Garden Share // Wild Food Foraging

We’ll try and make these weekly again, to keep them shorter.

A very good meeting last night with Waverley Borough Council. A fairly packed Borough Hall was guest to stalls from each of the Waverley departments (and Transition Farnham), and I was pleased to hear that they already have solar panels on the council roof, they are about to install re-charging points for electric vehicles in Farnham‘s Central Car Park, and are also about to begin a pilot scheme in Farnham for collecting home waste for converting into compost. Of course there is more they could do, but maybe we can help, and the conversation certainly seems to be building.More details at

Also in the past week:

And finally, if you’re interested in foraging for wild food (leave some for me!) you may be interested in these two electronic pdf leaflets that describe some of the plants you can eat. There is also a link to the “Wild Food School” which offers courses. weekend we had some friends round for supper and I found myself eating nettles (cooked with chorizo), ground elder, goose grass, wild sorrel, and various other wild-picked leaves…)

Have a great, and very sunny weekend,
From all of us at Transition Farnham

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