Selling produce from allotments

From time to time we’ve wondered whether it’s ok to sell produce produced(!) on allotments.

It seems it is, but only so long as:

  • Allotments can’t be run as a business
  • The income earned must generate less than £100/year in tax (otherwise the Inland Revenue gets interested)
  • But surplus produce can be sold off in this way. Arguably anything less than 50% of the total crop is a ‘surplus’

Apparently though (so my informant tells me) there seems to be a loophole you can sell a box or a bag (and whatever is in them is just coincidental)  eg any bag is £1 and you fill them with what you consider to be £1 worth.

In summary, it is legal to sell produce, but allotments are there for people to grow their own food, not to be run as commercial premises, so don’t abuse the system and you’ll probably be OK.

More details in the attached document:sellingallotmentproduce.pdf

Also available from here:

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