Here’s the report I’ve been waiting for!!!!

OK, so here’s the report I’ve been waiting for someone else to write (otherwise I might have had to do it myself).

McKinsey, Imperial College, and four other big-hitting organisations have got together to look at how we might achieve a lower-carbon economy/society by 2050. They’ve looked at what it might take to produce 40%, 60%, 80% and even 100% of our energy needs from renewable sources.

The video summary, below, shows that any of these green alternatives would give electricity only slightly more expensive than it is today. And it shows how a new inter-National Grid would be needed to connect the electricity supplies of the different nations of Europe (so that the sunshine of Spain can connect to the windfarms of the UK and the hydro-electric storage of Norway).

The video/report also lays out a route map to get there, and emphasises the urgent need for action — the longer we wait, the higher the cost.

You can read more info and download the various detailed reports here:

More on this blog when I’ve had a chance to read them! :o)

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One Response to Here’s the report I’ve been waiting for!!!!

  1. Gayle says:

    Shame about the 1970’s commentary and musack, but the message is good. Was it designed that way? Probably not but maybe we need someone ‘old fashioned’ to champion new age challenges – what do you think?

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