Round up of Transition Week: Surrey CC cuts CO2, saves £££ // ‘Road map’ to 2050 now clear // Others already there

A brief and to the point round-up this week.

First the great news that Surrey County Council have committed to reduce CO2 emissions by 20% over the next four years. This will save £11m of our money.

This is great news, and to be commended. But we have to be aware that others in the world are ahead of us. For example, this building in Australia already uses 82% less energy than its conventional equivalent:

So how do we reach the government’s target of 80% lower emissions by 2050? Won’t renewable electricity be terribly expensive? Won’t we lose lots of jobs?The answer in this report, just published by McKinsey and others, shows that no — even achieving 100% renewable energy (including transport, not just electricity) by 2050 is achievable and will create jobs, and slow climate change. What is expensive (and dangerous) would be to delay.

So well done Surrey for getting moving now!

Have a great weekend,from all of us at Transition Farnham

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