Join The Big Lunch

Imagine a summer’s day on which millions of us, throughout the UK, sit down to have lunch together in our communities – in the middle of our streets, around our tower blocks and on every patch of common ground. The food, entertainment and decorations we will have grown, cooked or created ourselves. It’ll be a day to break bread with our neighbours, to put a smile on Britain’s face.

Well, imagine no more. The BIG Lottery Fund is supporting The Big Lunch and invites you to celebrate with your community on Sunday 18th July.

What is it?

The Big Lunch encourages communities to come together through growing food and flowers; creating street music, art and theatre; dressing the street and, of course, cooking and eating together. It’s a fantastic opportunity to bring your community together and could be used to launch a new project, celebrate achievements or raise awareness of good work that has been happening in your area.

The Big Lunch is an Eden Project initiative, and took place for the first time last year – there were over 8,000 lunches in every kind of community all across the UK. Over 700,000 people took to the streets in the biggest set of street parties since the Golden Jubilee, and over 80% said they felt closer to their neighbours as a result.

Get started

The Big Lunch website is packed full of information to help kick start your planning, including a handy step by step guide. It offers the tools, inspiration and resources to make it as simple, and fun, as possible. You can also search for existing Big Lunches in your area or add your own to our special Big Lunch map.

Find out more

Visit the website, have a chat with the team on 0845 850 8181 or email

To keep up to date with what’s happening on The Big Lunch and other BIG Lottery Fund projects in your area sign up to receive your regional email bulletin.

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