Transition Round up: Transition Training & Rob Hopkins in a Eurovision spectacular!

Writing this with one eye on the Eurovision Song Contest (isn’t Graham Norton great?? — and surprisingly similar to Terry Wogan!!) I want to let you know that:

The kids are now clapping Turkey’s robot and

Iceland now clubbing away with “Je ne sais quoi”, and

The Ukrainian entry might like to know that:

  • From 2020 all buildings constructed in Europe will have to be (nearly) carbon-neutral in their energy usage.
    One of our members of Transition Farnham is from Sweden and regularly talks to his sister who already lives in one of these well-insulated houses. In the winter the temperature outside can be minus 20, but she is in a t-shirt in a house heated only by appliances like fridges and televisions, while her brother shivers in a Farnham terrace.
    More details here:…

France’s entry next, and they might like to know that:

Finally (with Romania singing in the background) I recently spent a week in Southern Spain, where the local town of Tarifa (half way between Gibraltar and Trafalgar) was completely powered by wind turbines. This short video shows maybe a quarter of the wind turbines they use. But don’t worry, we won’t be seeing this in Farnham — it’s not nearly windy enough. Although we could do what they are trying to do in Camden, and build our own wind farm in Wales.

Enjoy the rest of the Eurovision (Russia now) and I do hope you can make either the Transition Training or the Rob Hopkins talk.(I know we have people coming from as far afield as Haslemere and Portsmouth!)
From all of us at Transition Farnham, have a good weekend.

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