Here come the electric cars

With almost all manufacturers now developing electric and/or hybrid cars, and Toyota investing $50m in Tesla the electric sports car company, it is perhaps no surprises that in the USA Nissan has sold out of all the electric cars it will produce this year.
The company started taking orders on 20 April, closed its books on 25 May, and will not deliver the 13,000 ordered vehicles until December. It is now taking orders for 2011 and hopes to have 500,000 vehicles on US roads by 2013.
After a $7,500 government rebate, the price is only around $25,000. And the good news is that by the time they arrive, customers may be able to recharge them at the electric vehicle recharge points being installed by Waverley in Farnham central carpark.

Unfortunately I can’t wait that long and am going to buy a diesel (lower CO2 emissions) as a stop-gap to my first electric car.

But Chinese buyers are going to find electric cars subsidised by their government even more — around $9,000 per vehicle — as China aims to become the world’s biggest developer and manufacturer of electric vehicles, with 9% of their fleet electric by 2020.

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