Transition Conference Reminder

This just received from Transition Network,

2 June 2010 – 3:24pmTransition Network Conference Update…

“If you are vaguely thinking of going but not sure if you can be bothered then my advice is to hesitate not, I went last year and it was awesome. I left feeling like a fruit bush in a permaculture garden, lovingly nurtured to the maximum of my potential and in mutually beneficial relationships with all around me.”
– unsolicited endorsement from Sideshow Tom up ‘North.

Only 10 days left to the Transition Network UK Conference and things are reaching a very-excited zenith of activity and excitement. This is our last announcement about the conference, so sit up! If you miss this event, you will have missed something a bit special…

The workshop sessions are as wide-ranging as they are in depth, with sessions on all sorts from ‘Local Currencies’ to ‘The work that reconnects’, via gender and emotional connections and ‘going beyond cuddly transition’. Have a look at the conference workshops page – it’s great. The only problem is that it won’t be possible to go to all the sessions you want to.
It’s going to be at the superbly appointed agricultural college of Seale Hayne, meaning that we can do indoors activities as well as forest walks etc. as well as socialising, music making, or sitting quietly on your own. Don’t forget to bring frisbees, softball, footballs, yoga mats as we’ve got a range of outdoors-y activities up our sleeves and time set aside to run around/meditate/throw/kick balls.

We’re cruising at a cool and groovy 275-ish attendees now, meaning that we’re nearly full. There are a few camping places left (not many) and some single rooms, so if you want to come along…


Day Tickets
As well as the residential tickets, we have now released day tickets for Saturday and Sunday. There are 3 ticket types, ranging from £35 – £50 depending on whether you want meals (provided by a most excellent local cook). So, although we would rather you join us for the whole weekend (it’s going to be a cracker), if you can only do one day, that’s OK too.


OK I think that’s enough excitement. Please come. It’s going to be great.

Here are some videos from last year

Conference homepage

Conference workshop listings

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