Surrey Hills LEADER grants — over £500,000 in grants outstanding for this year

Dear All

Surrey Hills LEADER grant programme has a new website…(The old web address now takes people to this new site)

Surrey Hills LEADER grant programme is having a fantastic year so far. For the current financial year (April 2010 – March 2011) we have around £660,000 to spend on eligible projects. To date this financial year we have committed funds of £140,000 so we are still able to fund projects to a tune of £520,000.

The applications are coming in from a wide variety of applicants including farmers, some small wood businesses, rural communities and one or two tourism based businesses. We are moving full steam ahead BUT need more applications PLEASE to ensure that all this year’s money is spent.

Please distribute this new website to your mailing lists to make them aware of the new and more user friendly site for our grant scheme. Applicants are now able to check their own eligibility using the post code checker and they will find the site a user friendly, informative and jargon free.

Thank you – any feedback (positive or negative) would be gratefully received.

Best wishes,
Cathy Miles
Cathy MilesSurrey Hills Leader Project Development Officer

Tel: 0208 541 8724
Mob: 07970 059284

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