Transition around the world, June 2010

Rob Hopkins has published a summary of what’s going on in Transition around the world here:

There are courses in vegetable growing and raised bed construction in Portobello, and Sevenoaks and Canterbury have a whole RAFT of food-related projects.

Other name checks include:

TT Louth, TT Worcester, TT Shrewsbury, New Forest Transition’s Hale Local Food Market, TT Dorchester, TT Malvern Hills and TT Hebden Bridge (solar and pedal power), TT Forres in Scotland, TT Totnes (Energy Descent Action Plan), TT Stourbridge, TT Finsbury (with 24 videos made during their ‘Welcome to Finsbury Park Project’, TT Halesworth (Upcycling) , TT Taunton (make do and mend), TT Portobello (home water checks), TT Horncastle, TT Berkhamstead’s (car free day), Transition Hexham, Transition Town Bridport, TT Witzenhausen (Germany), Transition Hub in Brussels, Dordrecht in the Netherlands (including a rather fine herb spiral). In the US we have TT Putney (Sandglass Theatre) , TT Carrboro-Chapel Hill, TT Whatcome, TT San Francisco, TT Los Angeles (offers five strategies for achieving CO2 reductions down to 350ppm), a US TV show called ‘Sustainable Today’ (speaking about Portland, Oregon), Transition Lancaster. Downunder there’s Brisbane Transition Hub, TT group ‘West Hobart Environment Network’, Sydney Transition Towns. And finally TT Heidelberg West.

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