Major impacts on business foreseen

It looks like the rest of the world is catching up.

In February we had Richard Branson and the Industry Task force on Peak Oil and Energy Security warning UK business of the dangers of peak oil.

In April, McKinsey made a major contribution to the report “how to achieve 100% sustainable energy by 2050“.

And now Lloyds of London and Chatham House have jointly published a report on the risks (and opportunities) for business arising out of energy security and climate change.

“We have entered period of deep uncertainty”, they say, “in how we will source energy … and how much we will have to pay for it.”

The times we are living in, they say, are like a phoney war: “We keep hearing of difficulties to come, but … the bad times have not yet hit.”

They urge all businesses to assess the risks and opportunities they face.

This is what Transition has been saying for four years now, and I shall be forwarding this report to Surrey, Waverley, and Farnham councils.

If you know any businesses that would like help with assessing their risks and opportunities, please forward the report to them as well. And let them know that we at Transition Farnham can help them to apply Transition thinking to their businesses.

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