Wimpey plans housing for College Fields, beside UCA – action needed!

The N.W. Farnham Residents’ Association held its AGM yesterday evening. Top of the agenda was housing, in the shape of the Local Development Framework (LDF), and the threat to the Beavers Road fields from Wimpey. One field has been proposed for a 400-house development. Large housing developments arealready under way in Church Crookham to the north and Aldershot to the east. Does Farnham need this, too? If you think not, please join the campaign against it.

If this field, part of College Fields and known in the LDF as CON016, becomes formally designated for housing the battle is as good as lost. We have been advised by a well-placed local resident that the only way to oppose this to start campaigning as early as possible.

If you live anywhere in the region between The Castle, Upper Old Park, Crondall Lane, Coxbridge and Potters Gate then please join NWFRA and take a look at our new web site.

And we are also interested in the Runfold Composter proposals, which would affect the whole of Farnham and beyond.

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