Transition Network Newsletter, June 2010

June 2010

Transition Network
28 June 2010 – 11:39pm
Transition Network newsletter

Reports From the 4th Transition Network Conference
Around 300 people spent a very full weekend exploring many different aspects of Transiton. As well as from around the UK, there were strong contingents from France and Brazil. Some of the highlights included: Transition International Youth project launches, Making sense of Financial Crisis in an Era of Peak Oil, Exploring the Future Context of Transition and ‘Seeing Transition as a Pattern Language’.  Please take a rummage through this wonderful collection of blog postsaudio recordings and photos of the full-on event that was the 2010 Transiton Network conference. Sophy Banks, who had a big part in shaping the conference, reflects on how it went here; Rob Hopkins final reflections here and there are more comments and videos on his blog.

Lloyd’s Report Sparks A Press Release
Amazing to think, but until last week, Transition Network has never actually produced even one single press release.  Such has been the level of media interest, that we had never proactively sought media coverage.  That all changed last week, when we produced our first press release in response to the Lloyds/Chatham House report about peak oil and climate change:  ‘Sustainable Energy Security: Strategic Risks and Opportunities for Business’ The “mainstream” report highlights the critical issues surrounding energy vulnerabilities and risks for business – challenges which the Transition Network has been addressing for the last four years, recognising that business-as-usual is no longer an option. The White Paper states that “businesses which prepare for and take advantage of the new energy reality will prosper” and continues “failure to do so could be catastrophic”. The report concludes “energy security is now inseparable from the transition to a low-carbon economy…”

Win a Solarcentury Solar Electric System Worth £12k+
Solarcentury, the UK solar energy company founded by Jeremy Leggett, is celebrating the summer sun with Transition Towns by offering one lucky homeowner the chance to win a solar electric system worth over £12,000. Generating an income of at least £800 a year for 25 years with the feed-in tariff, this system will make the winner thousands of pounds in addition to savings on electricity bills. The competition is simple and entirely free to enter and will run for Transition Towns until midnight on 4th July 2010.

Phonecoop: Raise cash for your initiative
All UK Transition Initiatives can now generate valuable ongoing income
through an affinity Partnership with The Phone Co-op
The Phone Co-op and Transition Network have been working together to establish a web-based affinity partnership which Transition Initiatives can use to create a long-term sustainable income. This partnership has been developed in consultation with existing Transition Initiatives and is endorsed 100% by Transition Network.

Transition Town Tooting – Trashcatchers Carnival & Symposium
Transition Town Tooting has, right from the start, been an innovator in how to design and run an inclusive and diverse initiative. They’ve also managed to create a lot of colour along the way. They now have a really wonderful looking two days of celebration and inquiry – Transition Town Tooting, Project Phakama and Emergency Exit Arts, in association with TippingPoint, have set up a Tooting special double-bill: Trashcatchers’ Carnival – Sunday 4th July, Symposium – How do societies learn? – Monday 5th July Interested in

Inner Transition?
Inner Transition includes themes such as the psychological, spiritual, consciousness, well-being, groups, communication, working with conflict and similar topics. Sophy Banks and Jo Hardy of Transition Network are announce a project to support and develop the field of Inner Transition, also known as Heart and Soul. We are working to co-create a network wide community to share experiences and stories, pool resources, develop ideas, and connect with, and support each other.

Standard Transition Presentation
Here’s the presentation that Ben Brangwyn uses for awareness raising events. Although it’s focussed somewhat on the UK, it also has lots about other places around the world. Fully scripted (check out the “notes” for each slide), it can be adapted to most situations. Creating a Sustainable Food SystemTransition Matlock have come up with an intriguing and playful way to understand and map the various patterns and actors in a local food system of the future. It’s a game/jigsaw/visualisation/talking point.

Totnes and District 2030, an Energy Descent Action Plan Transition Town Totnes have delivered their long gestated EDAP. It’s a magnificent piece of work and quite something to get your transition teeth into. The EDAP website has a lot of insight in it, and gives you a chance to comment at every step (it’s a fine piece of web development work from designers Lumpy Lemon), but if that’s not enough and you want a tangible, piece of history in your hands, you can buy it.

Transition Guide To Local Money Launched Our latest book, The Transition Guide to Local Money, is now launched, live, and published and longing to be on your bookshelf. You can read the Foreword to ‘Local Money’ by Rob Hopkins. Author Peter North was interviewed at the Conference by Transition Radio launching his book Local Money  and  there is a written interview with him by Rob Hopkins.  To buy a copy pop across to the Transition Books site.

Zero Carbon Britain 2030 Published The Centre for Alternative Technology (CAT) have just released their latest piece called Zero Carbon Britain. Now, we’re great mates with the CAT crowd and will soon be working on a book together, so we’re going to be a bit biased, but either way, we highly recommend you download it, read it, read it again, and take it onboard. They know what they’re talking about and it’s a free download.

And finally (please don’t) mind the gap (in the newsletter!) …. Here Are Three Round-ups of What’s Been Happening around the World of Transition (now with added film clips!)April May June

Mike Grenville

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