Low Carbon Communities Newsletter 3

Welcome to the 3rd LCCN newsletter. Thanks for the positive feedback. These come to you regularly with updates on what the Network is doing, other deveopments and, if you tell us, what you’re doing. We’re keen to find contributors who could send us an update (monthly?) on whats happening in their region that may be of interest elsewhere. And please forward this to anyone who may be interested, reminding them that they can get their own copy at www.lowcarboncommunities.net


  • Scottish Low Carbon Community wins top prize
  • Committee on Climate Change 2nd Report
  • Minister backs Low Carbon car clubs
  • International trade unions adopt historic resolution on climate change
  • Provocative new film, ‘Beyond the Tipping Point?’
  • ‘Lighter Later’ Bill to be debated in parliament
  • New Green Jobs report
  • LCCN Facebook group set up

Scottish Low Carbon Community wins top prize
The excellent people on the Isle of Eigg in Scotland have won the top UK ‘Ashden Award for Sustainable Energy’. They generate 90% of their electricity from the renewables, and have agreed a voluntary energy cap:every household voluntarily limits consumption to a peak of 5Kw (use any more and your supply cuts out!) – the first such scheme that we know of anywhere. As the Chair of the Island’s Green Team says, “in a community-led scheme like ours, people have more responsibility to save energy.” www.isleofeigg.org
Other community level winners include Northwards Housing  in Manchester, Okehampton College, Devon and St. Columb Minor School, Cornwall. See www.ashdenawards.org/UK_2010 for details of all these great projects.

Committee on Climate Change 2nd Report

The Committee on Climate Change (CCC) is an independent body established under the Climate Change Act to advise the UK Government on setting carbon budgets, and to report to Parliament on the progress made in reducing greenhouse gas emissions. Their second report came out last week. It points out that UK greenhouse gas emissions fell by 1.9% in 2008 and 8.6% in 2009, but that this was mainly due to the recession and factors such as fuel price rises. However, little by little, the renewables sector is building…. (but not fast enough!). They point out that we need to move from less than 1 GW new wind capacity added in 2009 to over 3 GW on average annually (mostly off-short) in third budget . The report, along with a useful technical powerpoint, is at www.theccc.org.uk/ – see the LCCN site for more links.

Minister backs Low Carbon car clubs
Clubs giving drivers short term rentals of low carbon vehicles have been backed by the new transport minister. Norman Baker said on July 1 that an extra £40,000 of Government funding would help to increase the popularity of the clubs.
Car clubs ‘have increased massively’ in popularity with the number of members increasing from just 22,000 in 2007 to more than 127,100 members currently. Each car club vehicle can result in taking 24 private vehicles off the road and the low carbon vehicles used typically emit about 33% less CO2 than the average car. For info on how you can start one in your area check www.carplus.org.uk/

International trade unions adopt historic resolution on climate change

Unions from all over the world have adopted an ambitious resolution on climate change at the 2nd ITUC Congress. This includes the role of trade unions in the fight against climate change, the means to create green and decent jobs and ensure a just transition towards a low carbon economy and the need for achieving a fair, ambitious and binding deal on climate under UN auspicies. In addition to the resolution “Combating Climate Change through Sustainable Development and Just Transition”, a documentary produced by ITUC and Sustainlabour showcases activities and commitments from the world’s unionists- from leaders to shop floor activists – on climate change. http://ituc-csi.org/

A provocative new film, ‘Beyond the Tipping Point?’ explores how we imagine the future in the face of impending environmental crisis and how this affects the way we respond

‘We have 30,000 days, 100 Months, 5 years left! Copenhagen (now Mexico) is our last chance!’….   climate change scientists, policy makers and campaigners are increasingly in the habit of issuing deadlines, ultimatums and points of no return. But what impact does this language have?  The film (funded by the Lincoln Theological Institute) interviews a range of activists and exerts including: Professor Kevin Anderson of the Tyndall Centre,  Dr. Richard Betts of the Met Office, Buddhist leaders, Plane Stupid and activists from the Camp for Climate Action.
For more see here: lowcarboncommunities.net/beyoundthetippingpoint?
A trailer for the film can be seen here: www.beyondthetippingpoint.com
The DVD is 30 minutes long and is available free of charge on request – email: beyondthetippingpoint@gmail.com

‘Lighter Later’ Bill to be debated in parliament
Lighter Later is a campaign to shift the clocks forward by one hour throughout the entire year. We would still put the clocks forward in spring and back in autumn, but we would have moved an hour of daylight from the morning to the evening, when more of us are awake to enjoy it.  It would also cut carbon emissions substantially. This is not a new idea, but it’s now being pushed by 10:10, and all being well, MPs will debate the plan in early December.
Get your MP to support this – check for details at www.lighterlater.org

New Green Jobs report
IPPR’s latest report on Green Jobs: ‘Green and Decent Jobs; The Case for Local Action’ analyses the results of a new survey of 450 organisations working across the UK to understand the appetite for more partnership working at the local level on this agenda. The paper is also available as a free download from the ippr website; www.ippr.org.uk/publicationsandreports.

LCCN Facebook

The LCCN Facebook page is back up and running! Please like the page (found here) so we can get back up to the 500 fans we had before.

Over to you!

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