Climate week 21-27th March 2011

Dear All,
We have been invited to participate in the inaugural Climate Week. Al Gore, former US Vice President, Kofi Annan, former UN Secretary General, Lord Nicholas Stern, author of the Stern report on climate change, amongst others, have pledged their support. Now it is our turn to add Transition Town Farnham’s name to the list.
We are challenged to organise and deliver as many events as possible within our community, our workplaces, our schools and at home, to showcase climate change and engage people to act.
Please think of events we could run, organise or facilitate as TTF.
Here’s a list to get you started

  • a movie night at the Maltings
  • a workshop at the library
  • a workshop at the Farnham adult community learning centre
  • a fun tree planting day with local Nursery, Primary and Secondary schools, in conjunction with Rotary, Lions, Round Table, Farnham Town Council/Waverley/the Forestry Commission.

If in addition to your ideas for TTF events your company/workplace would like to get involved, or would like ideas, please contact me. My company Greenstone Design UK Ltd will be hosting workshops on designing schools and workplaces for climate change – using raingardens, drought tolerant plantings, natural (edible) shade,  rainwater harvesting, sustainable urban drainage systems.
This international event will shine a spotlight on the issues, inspiring many more people to act. It will help create a culture of empowerment rather than passivity, responsibility rather than blame and ambition rather than tokenism.

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