Great News!!!!

I have returned from holidays to find a letter from Surrey County Council telling me that Sita have withdrawn their application to build a giant composting site at Runfold.

Of course they might come back with a new application. But for the moment it looks as if the letters we sent have helped to swing the balance in the right direction.

The letter from Surrey CC says simply: “I am writing to inform you that the above application [‘for the erection and siting of buildings… in connection with an in-vessel composting facility…’] has been withdrawn by the applicant.”


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One Response to Great News!!!!

  1. davidhepper says:

    I got this too and wasn’t sure whether to believe it. SITA may have simply realised that they are fighting a battle that it will be hard for them to win. Or they may come back with scaled-down or more acceptable proposals that would allow them to avoid reinstating the site to ‘green fields’.

    Whatever they do, it’s at least a tactical victory on our part, though too late to make it into Farnham Society’s autumn newsletter – only managing a paragraph on page 18.


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