Government starting to talk about peak oil, to Bank of England and Ministry of Defence

Quoting from CSR Newswire:

“LONDON, Aug. 24 /CSRwire/ – The revelation that government ministers are gathering views from industry and the scientific community about “peak oil”, the point at which oil production reaches its maximum and then declines, has prompted speculations about their concerned for a future supply crunch.

The Department of Energy and Climate Change (DECC) has refused to hand over policy documents about “peak oil” under the Freedom of Information (FoI) Act, despite releasing others in which it admits “secrecy around the topic is probably not good”.

David Mackay, chief scientific adviser to the DECC, sent a letter asking for information and advice on peak oil amid a growing campaign from industrialists for the government to put contingency plans in place to deal with any future crisis. A spokeswoman for DECC, however, insisted the request from Mackay was “routine” and said there was no change of policy other than to keep the issue under review.

Documents obtained under the FoI Act show that a “peak oil workshop” brought together staff from the DECC, the Bank of England and Ministry of Defence among others to discuss the issue. A ministry note of that summit said that the government’s public lines on peak oil needed to take account of climate change and put more emphasis on reducing demand and also the fact that peak oil may increase volatility in the market.”

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2 Responses to Government starting to talk about peak oil, to Bank of England and Ministry of Defence

  1. Anne Cooper says:

    Can you tell me whether anyone submitted suggestions to the Farnham Town Design Statement about protecting allotments from development through the planning process.

    I have looked at the Design Statement on the Town Council website, but cannot see any mention of protection for allotments. No answer to this question has yet emerged from the Town Council even though I have asked both officers and a councillor.

    • finnjackson says:

      Hello Anne,
      So far as I am aware we did not specifically suggest protecting allotments from development, though we did say that the Design Statement should not allow building on land that could be used to grow food.
      I do not know whether our suggestion was taken up.

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