Design will save the world

Here’s a cool idea — hydrogen fuel cells (like the ones that can now power cars) are being designed to mimic human lungs. Fuel cells work by bringing together hydrogen and oxygen gases, and by copying the design of lungs they can bring the two together more efficiently, just like our lungs are able to bring oxygen into our bloodstreams more efficiently. That means less of the expensive platinum catalyst is needed, so fuel cells can be smaller and cheaper. Good news for you and me!

Or how about a hotel in Norway with a really cool undulating green roof. The hotel, looking like something out of an Escher print, is built on a pre-existing car park, and the green roof helps collect storm water and even provides a place for guests to exercise. Not sure whether I’d want to go sledging on it in winter though!

Or the theatre that has cut its energy bills by slapping a sci-fi-looking greenhouse/ conservatory on to the front of the building.
(Click here for funky photos.)

Or the University of Leicester’s amazing new green supercomputer, that is ten times more powerful, and more energy-efficient, than its predecessor.

A solar powered spy plane (for the military).

Or the electric buses in California that are all-electric powered and take less than 10 minutes to recharge. (If they were really clever they’d charge automatically at every bus stop…)

They’re all part of, a great-looking website that [pro]claims “Design will save the world”.
(With a little help, presumably, from the engineers who then implement those designs :O))

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