Transition Parish?

News has just reached us from Transition Horsham that Holbrook, an area of north Horsham, has decided to set up its own ‘subsidiary’ Transition initiative.

Holbrook contains around a fifth of the town’s population — around 4,500 houses and 11,000 people — and a quarter of the town’s roads. It has a total area of around 2,200 acres, 888 hectares, or 9 square kilometres.

The intention is that by focusing on a specific area within the town they will be able to develop and implement action plans more effectively.

The inaugural meeting of Holbrook in Transition or ‘HinT’ was held on 22 September where it was decided that the new group will adopt and follow the Transition principles, as set out in the Transition Handbook, and will be a unit under the umbrella of Transition Horsham. The intention is that members of Transition Horsham who live in or have an interest in Holbrook will become members of HinT, and vice-versa.

Approximately 1% of all households in Holbrook and Horsham are currently displaying the ‘Greening Horsham’ card and HinT will now work on a development and recruitment plan for implementation over the coming weeks and months.

For further information please contact HolbrookinTransition [at] gmail [dot] com.

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