FT’s report on Green Innovation and Design

In case you missed it (as I did) back on September 16, here is a copy of the Financial Times’ report on Green Innovation and Design.

And here are summaries/excerpts of the articles:

  • Prominent business thinkers are calling sustainability “the key driver of innovation”
  • There are (apparently) just five key principles to green design
  • In energy, new ideas are making a significant impact from wind power to solar
  • But life can still be tougher for ‘green’ entrepreneurs, if their projects seem to take longer to become commercial and cost more money
  • Sustainability is now an integral part of the curriculums of many design schools
  • The information technology industry accounts for about the same CO2 emissions as the airline industry — about 2 per cent of the global total. Although the technology is increasingly power-efficient, more innovation and design are needed
  • Owners, architects and contractors all have a role to play in creating new green buildings
  • Carbon-dioxide-free cities are now possible, thanks to the latest environmental technologies
  • Even the eco-warrior’s favourite mode of transport, the train, can be improved
  • Clive Cookson looks at new design activity across a range of sectors
  • And even luxury brands are getting in on the act, in response to growing consumer awareness
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