Talk to the Bourne Residents Association

The talk to the Bourne Residents Association seemed to go well last night.

Over 100 people turned out on a chilly night for some wine and nibbles and a bit of Transition.

(Forgot to take the camera though, so no photos — sorry.)

Although everyone had heard of climate change, very few were aware of peak oil or Transition, and we presented for about 30 minutes followed by about three quarters of an hour of question and answer.

Some people thought the presentation was “over simplified”. Others said they found what we had to say very useful, and some people wanted to get straight into doing things — which is unusual for a first hearing about the topic.

One issue brought up by the Chairman at the start of the talk was about the proposed redevelopment of the old garage at the crossroads in the centre of the Bourne. He said that this was an important issue for the Bourne because whatever was built would probably stand there for another 100 years. It also would have impact on the local school, bringing as much as a classful more children into the area. It is good, and rare, to see such long term and joined-up thinking nowadays. Let’s hope the residents of the Bourne can apply the same kinds of thinking to the impacts of peak oil and climate change on their community.


Here is a copy of the slides I showed, with links to the Branson video on YouTube.

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One Response to Talk to the Bourne Residents Association

  1. Gayle says:

    Well done all who presented at the Bourne – it shows a way forward with community engagement. Thinking people appreciate a thoughtful discussion, and an opportunity to be involved empowers.

    Food and drink is a universal social lubricant helping to create a non-threatening atmosphere.

    Go TTF!

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