Save Our Forests

A few months ago we met up with some of the management of Alice Holt Forest, just outside Farnham.

We know that woodland and forests are set to become very important to the UK economy again, and so it was with some trepidation that we heard of the Government’s plans to sell off our national forests.

The Forestry Commission is already doing a great job of managing Alice Holt forest, not only as a source of fuel, building materials and food but also for recreational, training and transportation benefits as well. (See the original post for more information.)

Having Alice Holt so close by is a wonderful resource for Farnham, and one that will become even important  as Transition issues grow.

It is difficult to see how woodland in private ownership be managed better than it is today, and we were repeatedly given examples in our meeting last year of how woods in private hands are simply not managed as well as those owned by the Forestry Commission.

Would an Alice Holt in private ownership be likely to be managed more for the benefit of the owner than the benefit of the wider community? That seems a distinct possibility.

If you would like to add your voice to the national campaign to Save Our Forests you can do so here:

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