Good progress made on Scholar’s Greenway

I’ve just heard that there was a very (very!) productive meeting last week on the Scholar’s Greenway.

We have been given agreement to deploy the way-mark roundel designs, designed by a TTF member and agreed a couple of months ago at the Farnham Park Advisory Group walkabout.

These are not just for the wooden post on Park Row approaching the Bear Lane entrance, but also both sides of the lampost (i.e. heading in and out of the park) where the Bear Lane access meets Park Row.

Other developments are also in the pipeline that are bringing Farnham a network of ‘green’ transport alternatives, reducing congestion, reducing pollution, and making it easier and more enjoyable to use non-fossil-fuel methods of transport to get around the town.

Many, many congratulations once again to Tom for his continuing success in this area, and to Casper for the great designs!!

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