Two ideas for creating community

One is enclosed in this 300-page book I’ve just come across, titled “Beyond You and Me” and subtitled “Inspiration and Wisdom for Building Community”.

It is a collection of essays and articles gathered into five sections, all of which we have talked about during our two years as Transition Farnham:

  1. Building Community & Embracing Diversity
  2. Communication Skills: Conflict, Facilitation & Decision Making
  3. Personal Empowerment & Leadership Skills
  4. Health & Healing
  5. Local, Bioregional & Global Outreach

And as the authors say, “There is no ‘one right way’ to do this work. One size does not fit all. Everybody is different. Every settlement will be different. The response to each situation will be different.”

You can download a copy by clicking on the book cover or here.

The other idea is contained this four-minute video summarising a new book by Stephen Johnson.

Stephen asks, “Where Do Good Ideas Come From?” and finds that where they come from is from people getting together and talking: sharing hunches together , whether in a coffee shop 300 years ago, or over the internet, maybe over several years, until one day two hunches suddenly make a new idea.

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