Economics for living within planetary limits

Yesterday’s post was about building community. Once you have a community it needs to be able to trade within itself and with other communities — in a sustainable way.

So, following swiftly on from the ideas for building community, Gaia Education has published a second volume titled “Gaian Economics — Living Well, within Planetary Limits.”

Again, I haven’t read this book yet either, but it looks like a collection of essays that will be extremely useful as we work out as a species how to deal with seven billion, eight, nine, ten billion people on the planet, and no ‘away’ to throw our rubbish to anymore.

As Gaia Education sees it there are four keys to solving that problem. The first is what it calls the Social Key — building community instead of individuals. The second is the Economic Key — developing an economic framework that allows us to live well, within the constraints we face. And the third and fourth are the worldview key and the ecological key. Books on these are set to be published by the middle of next year.

Click here to download the Economic Key and here to visit the Gaia Education website.

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