You heard it here first

Well, perhaps not first (if you follow the work of the New Economics Foundation) but we did write about the Happy Planet Index way back in July this year.

Now it seems the government is going to start measuring ‘wellbeing’ as well as pure financial statistics.

In Scotland, the Daily Record says this “sounds crazy – especially coming from a Tory Government whose economic policies spell misery for millions of people.”

The Telegraph reports how David Cameron justified the move saying there is “more to life than money” and tells how “such a move has been pushed by two Nobel Prize-winning economists although “the move was said to have been causing anxiety in Downing Street at a time when deep public spending cuts are beginning to bite.”

The Guardian said that “governments around the world [are coming] under pressure to put less store on conventional economic measures of prosperity such as gross domestic product.”

I wonder who is putting these governments under ‘pressure’. Could it be that people are just exhausted, and that the general message of Transition is being felt, at least subliminally — that cheap oil brings many disadvantages and that Community is what we crave.

But what I find most interesting is the way that what was once seen as ‘wacky’ or ‘edgy’ can suddenly become government policy. I am interested to see where this leads.

Change the style of the message or the person that communicates it, and suddenly an idea can become ‘mainstream’.

In the spirit of this thought, I now have the wonderful opportunity to share the ‘off-centre’ organic farming message (remember what they used to say about Prince Charles?) updated and made hip and urban in this great two minute video on YeoTube.

Big up your chest!

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