Progress on Community Play

Well, it’s been just over a year now since we helped to set up a Community Play in Farnham.

A steering group was formed and a feasibility study was carried out.

That turned out to be very positive, and so the situation is now that:

  • A “Community Play Game” will now be held in the New Year (22 Jan)
    The idea of this is to run through all the different aspects involved in putting on the Community Play (and there are a lot!) so that  people get a sense of what is involved and how they fit in
  • A Research Group has been formed in addition to the Steering Group. This group is focused on deciding what the theme of the play should be. (Riots, Rebellion, William Cobbett, Florence Nightingale, Sir Walter Scott, … See full list of possible themes linked here.)
  • A trip to see the East Grinstead Community Play is being arranged for Saturday 4 December
    The play is built around research into a day in 1943 when the town was bombed including the Whitehall cinema. They interviewed over a hundred people who remembered the events in extraordinary detail, resulting in one of the most personal community plays that has ever been produced.
  • The most recent meeting of the research group took place on Monday 1st November at the Lion and Lamb Bistro.
    Next meeting will be on Monday 13 December.
  • The constitution has been written and a bank account opened.
  • The team is researching and developing a “Museum of Youth” — what it is like to be young in Farnham, now and in the past

For more info or to join/get in touch visit

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