Gatecrashing the energy sector

We blogged a couple of weeks ago about the project to ‘gatecrash’ the energy sector and generate much more renewable energy in the UK.

That project has now moved on and a second meeting on 26 November will be focusing on the top four ideas, which have been under development since the first follow-up workshop on 21 October.

If you’d like to get involved you can visit this website or click below for an overview.

The four top ideas chosen are:

Project 1: Storage/Load balancing research

This was the most challenging idea and the least developed when proposed at the workshop on the 21st Oct. The team have identified several areas in energy storage and load balancing that show promise, in particular heat storage and certain chemical forms of storage, and will use the workshop on the 26th November to refine the focus further and work out next steps.

Project 2: Energy Futures Incubator

The aim is to help energy entrepreneurs to get off the ground by providing support resources that might include some pre-seed funding, mentoring, bootcamps and perhaps links to VCs.

Project 3: Smart Communities

Investigating the potential for an open source/grass roots approach to smart grids in a community.

Project 4: Community Energy Springboard

An online platform to help community-owned energy projects to set-up and fast-track through the learning curve.

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