Transition Dorking Open EcoHomes project

[23 Nov, 1pm: UPDATED with more info — see below]

Transition Dorking have contacted us to say that they are thinking of arranging some kind of ‘open eco homes’ event for next year.

It would be funded, and might involve just Dorking, or the whole of Surrey.

If you would like to get involved with organising a “Farnham sub-section” of the project, and/or if you know anybody with an eco-home that might be willing to be part of the scheme please get in touch with the organiser directly  (jackie at the-johnstons dot org dot uk).

I will (hopefully) post details next year of whatever scheme they eventually organise.

Dear Transition Towns,

I am working with Transition Dorking on a project to host an eco open homes event in the spring or early summer next year.

We have not yet set a target area for the event, preferring to respond to areas of interest. It might be just Dorking, or Mole Valley or Surrey, or Surrey and beyond.

We have taken some advice from Francesca Iliffe at Brighton and Hove City Council who runs their eco open homes events; she has been very supportive and helpful.

Would any of you be interested in joining in? We could do with some help, it would avoid each of us reinventing the wheel, might help us to jointly attract funding, and could spread the workload.

Do let me know. We are at an early stage in the planning and we realise there’s a lot to do, but we are keen to get it moving.

Jacqui Johnston

[Contact details available, but withheld here to save Jacqui from spam]


Update — extra info received from Jacqui on 23 November:

The aim of the project is really to promote knowledge share among our community about sustainable improvements to existing housing stock. The event will be an opportunity for participating home owners to open their doors to the public to show them and talk about energy saving and other improvements they have made towards energy saving and sustainable living. It provides an opportunity to ask visitors to pledge to make changes in their own homes; some of which might cost very little, but the overall carbon saving as a result of the event can be measured. As far as the visiting is concerned, home owners would be supported by project volunteers and can choose to have a free for all, or take bookings so the origin, number and timing of visits is known. It might be a more attractive offer to home owners who might otherwise be a bit apprehensive about opening their doors to strangers.

We are also planning an exhibition to follow on from the event to give feedback to the public and generate more interest and knowledge share. Ultimately we would like to set up a sort of buying club that would benefit from better deals on products such as solar panels etc.

The main challenge is of course finding interesting properties to showcase, and willing participants. Because we are just starting to explore what is on offer in Dorking and Mole Valley, we’re not sure how many examples we will get. Hence we are keen to see if other Transition Towns might want to explore what is happening in other areas; it might be interesting to see if there are clusters of activity in particular towns, and it occured to us that it would be an excellent opportunity to work with other groups, which could in itself give rise to shared benefits

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