Round up of the Transition Week

Dear all,

Welcome to another round up of the Transition week. A range this time, from the strategic to the practical.

Starting with the practical, we had a very enjoyable meeting on 15 November — more of a communal meal or a party really, than a meeting.

Our next meeting will be a repeat (at a different location), on Monday 29 November. Do come along.

And at the strategic end, as I write this newsletter I am listening to the first programme a new series of In Business on Radio 4. As we face ongoing Austerity and the Government starts to measure our happinessIn Businesslooks at whether economic growth is all it’s cracked up to be. The programme starts with a motorised Rickshaw in Transition Town Totnes. Do we need to shift to a different kind of capitalism? The 30-minute programme explores the issues and there is a link to it from our website.

Also on website there is a new section called ‘Events‘ where we will be adding not only our own events, but also events organised by like-minded people and organisations — for example the live music sessions being organised in Farnham by Lazy Bishops. If you’d like your event to be publicised please do get in touch.

Finally, here’s a selection of our recent blogs:

Oh, and we recently passed 40,000 pageviews of our website.
Have a great weekend,
From all of us at Transition Farnham
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