LCCN Newsletter – Issue 23

Welcome to the 23rd LCCN newsletter!
This week:
  • ‘Communities and Climate Action’ – The Conference
  • Community Energy Online
  • Four degrees and beyond: The potential & implications of 4 degree global temperature change
  • News from Cancun
  • London Low Carbon Communitites Network Meeting
  • Climate and Youth Action
  • LCCN Facebook page

‘Communities and Climate Action’ – The Conference
The major UK ‘Communities and Climate Action’ conference is on! It will take place on the 16th / 17th January 2011 at the Holiday Inn, Bloomsbury, London.  The Communities and Climate Action Alliance invites you to join us for a unique action-focused conference on the role for community action in tackling climate change and creating a low-carbon society.

The conference will bring together some 200 local community-based organisations to exchange experiences and to discuss the opportunities and challenges they face with innovators and professionals from other sectors. The event is free and places are limited so we invite you to register as soon as possible for one or both days.

The aims are to:
1. Show how community organisations can play a key role in the delivery of carbon reduction targets

2. Enable a broad range of ‘community and climate’ organisations to  get up to speed on a developing
new agenda, and to jointly discuss their responses

3. Strengthen the capacity of this ‘community and climate’ sector

4. Enable the development of relationships between this sector and other engaged agencies.

Day 1 is on Sunday 16th January, is aimed primarily at community-based organisations, though others working with communities are welcome.  A series of structured discussions will cover the challenges for community action, our hopes and visions for a low carbon future, ways to share learning and innovation and much more.

Day 2, Monday 17th January, is open to all those working on climate change and low carbon living.
There will be short plenary sessions with speakers from DECC, national agencies and local communities. Workshop seminars in the morning will discuss how the ‘climate and community’ sector delivers on key issues:

  • Housing and home energy services
  • Community renewables
  • Building trust, engagement and behaviour change
  • Transport

The afternoon will focus on developing the climate and community sector looking at the role of social enterprise, lessons from the Low Carbon Communities Challenge, specialist support for innovation and local action, how we work with local government and the ‘Big Society’ and more.
There will be exhibition space, poster displays and opportunities for small group meetings. LCCN is managing the speakers, registration etc.

For more details see:
To book your free tickets:
We hope to have some funding for travel bursaries. Watch this space for more details.

The Communities
and Climate Action Alliance (CCAA) links some of the largest networks in the community climate change sector – the Low Carbon Communities Network (LCCN), the Transition Network, the Green Communities Network, the Community Energy Practitioners ForumLocal United and the Scottish Climate Challenge Fund Network.

Community Energy Online

This is the new DECC website has been developed “to support local authorities and community groups in their role as initiators, supporters and developers of local low carbon and renewable energy projects”.
The say that the site is designed “to guide you through the stages of developing a low carbon or renewable energy project by providing information and links to external resources and outlining technology options, issues and solutions related to the procurement, installation and usage of different approaches You might not find all the detail on this site alone, but you should find what you’re looking for in the links and from the many case studies”.
There’s some useful stuff on it (and a link to our LCCN website!) and it looks like more will be added. They are planning a series of regional workshops: check it out at: 

Four degrees and beyond: The potential for a global temperature change of four degrees and its implications
This is the title of a new book from the Royal Society, (officially out in January) that brings together some of the top UK and global scientists to look at the alarming risks of a four degree rise. They explore the likelihood of large climate changes, the potential impacts of these changes, and challenges involved in both avoiding high levels of warming, and in adapting should we fail to do so. To view a set of live links to key sections within the book, for both summaries and the full text, click here.

Read all about it: News from Cancun

The UN climate talks in Cancun, which follow last year’s climate talks in Copenhagen, are now starting. The Stop Climate Chaos website has links to a wide range of blogs, newsletters etc. from various member organisations of the coalition (of which we are part).  See

London Low Carbon Communitites Network Meeting
This is on Thursday Dec. 2nd at 6pm (to 8pm, social afterwards) at the GLA. Items on the agenda include the Mayor’s climate change strategy, an update on the London ‘Low carbon zones’ programme and a discussion about our conference (see the top of this newsletter).

Climate and Youth Action
The UK Youth Climate Coalition are running a series of activities during the next two Cancun weeks.
If there are young people in your group looking for ways to organise with their friends ect. this is a really useful organistation.
See also:

LCCN Facebook page
Please like the Low Carbon Communities facebook page here

You want more good local stories? – well send those stories to us!

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