Sustainable world? Nice idea, but…

“Yes, it’s all very well going on about sustainability, but it’s an impossible dream isn’t it? I mean, how can we possibly get there?”

Well, strategists from the businesses that make up the World Business Council for Sustainable Development have been meeting over a period of 18 months, to answer that question by doing what they do best — create a strategic plan.

The result — decade by decade to 2050 — is shown in this image.


If you click on it you will be taken to a website called ‘zoom-it’ where you can click on any part to zoom to read the detail. A step by step plan between now and 2050, with the end-point “Nine billion people are living well, and within the limits of the planet.”

Sounds like a good plan to me.

The World Business Council, made up of 200 of the leading companies in the world, decided that “Our societies are on a dangerously unsustainable track. The story is one of growth in population and consumption compounded by inadequate governance and policy responses to manage this growth. The result is degradation of the environment and societal stress.”

As a result it commissioned an 18 month project involving dialogues with over 200 companies across 20 countries and the different sectors, to find a way out of this situation.

The project group had two tasks:

  1. to try to imagine what a sustainable world in 2050 might look like.
  2. to spell out what needs to happen over the next four decades to make that possible

And you can also read more here:

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