Transition Round Up: Three Bishops.. Flying bionic penguin… Local New Forest Food… Unleashing Lancaster… Living in a yurt… The most exciting decade ever… and much much more

Dear all,

Welcome to another round up of the Transition fortnight.  What with Christmas, it’s quite a short one.

Here in Farnham, the lovely Lazy Bishops held their last live-music gig of the year yesterday. Not only are they improving the nightlife in the town, they are also raising money for the Bishops Meadows Trust.

Also raising money for that trust, some of our members are helping to organise two other money-raising events for that Trust during 2011 — one in January, the other later in the year. You can find out about both of them here.

On the website we’ve had a couple of videos you might be interested in. One features a flying bionic penguin, and a couple of others talk about local food in the New Forest. There’s also a film of the rather lovely New Forest Festival last autumn.

There are newsletters from the Transition Network and the Low Carbon Communities Network, as well as a rather good video of Rob Hopkins at the launch (‘Unleashing’) of Transition City Lancaster.

And one of our members has started blogging about his experiences of living in a yurt (quite toasty at times) and teaching yoga in it.

There are videos of two talks from TED. One is about the philosophical and cultural ideas that underpin the levels of waste created by the building industry. (Yes, really. It’s rather good actually. And the speaker has a rather fetching handlebar moustache….)

And the other starts off by talking about the state the natural world is in and goes on to explain why this is going to be the most exciting decade in the history of humanity.

To that end, a group called the World Business Council on Sustainable Development has created a 40-year plan for show how get to to “Nine billion people living well and within the limits of the planet” by 2050. Sounds like exactly what we need!

Have a WONDERFUL Christmas, and we’ll be back in 2011,

From all of us a Transition Town Farnham

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