Notes from last night’s meeting

Gypsy Orchestra of the UK performing at Rowledge Village Hall, 22 January, £13 in aid of Bishop’s Meadows.

It was the last meeting attended by Jonathan Still, who is moving (Transitioning?) to live an even more sustainable life in Dorset soon. His home made wine (from Farnham Grapes) was delicious! and he invited us all to go down and join him (we can camp in the next door field) any time.

Joyce and Ruth were unwell, and David was at a school meeting, but the rest of us had a good and fun meeting, joined by Jo from the Bourne.

Ian told us that the Bishop’s Meadows Trust has organised Bairns night: a fund raiser for the meadows on 22 January at Rowledge Village Hall. The Gypsy orchestra of the UK will be playing and entrance is only £13.

Tree Project

In Wellington the council gives every home-owner a food tree to plant. Why could we not do the same in Farnham.

We talked about FARNHAM DREAMS:

Grit the pavements before the roads

No cars in Downing St and Castle St.

Council gives us all some grit and we grit our own pavements.

Jonathan suggested we need a Strategic Alliance in Farnham. Bourne Residents, 20-30 years older than us, doing veg and bees & c. Bourne Show. Promote ourselves.

People don’t exercise in their daily lives and then pay to exercise at a club.

We want to build community.

Bysh asked how we can  get people to dream:

For example, have a column in the Farnham Herald “my dreams for Farnham”.

Jonathan agreed, and said People generally do have dreams but are over-committed on time (working). Strangles them.

People have a lot invested in the current status quo. Will have to get much worse before they reach a tipping point and change.

People who have lived all their lives in Farnham, who run the Bourne Show, understand sustainability. They lived through the thrift of the war and have sustainable lifestyles.

Pam reconditions old furniture.

Jonathan had an Electric Shredder to get rid of, which Gayle said she would take.

Bysh talked about the Farnham Visitors Forum:

Local businesses that talk about how to encourage visitors to Farnham.

Rural Life Centre, BirdWorld, Council, Andrew Lodge, local businesses, …

Does anyone want to take over from Bysh.

Next meeting is 3:30pm 20 January. Frensham Pond Hotel.


How can we kick-start people to get passionate about their visions for the future?

  1. We could talk about Peak Oil or Climate Change
  2. We need to realise that different messages will be acceptable to different people
  3. An alternative aproach would be “Whether or not you believe in climate change/peak oil is irrelevant — the risk that it might be true is too big to ignore”
  4. Forget all that — what does it take to DREAM for a better, more productive, happier life?

In the meeting we came round to the last of these options as the most positive. But maybe a combination of these is appropriate.

Pam was pessimistic that she won’t be able to achieve some of the things she wishes other people to do as part of her dream. May other people in Farnham probably feel the same.

She gets ‘depressed’ about that, but it won’t stop her doing what she wants to.

We thought back to the Visioning we had done near the start of TTF: some of those visions had come true/happened, some hadn’t and other things we didn’t even think of had happened as well.

It’s not necessarily what the vision is that is important — sometimes it is the mere act of doing a visioning process that creates the energy to make whatever changes then later turn out to be achievable/appropriate.

To be continued…

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