Floods in Australia

By the miracle of the internet I have been looking at photos of the floods in Australia, taken by friends of friends on Facebook.

As one person put it, “Looks more real than on TV. Scary.”

Somehow there is a vivid clarity in a photo of an entire boat pontoon from “millionaires row” floating downstream towards the sea:

Money cannot buy protection the random events that climate change is bringing.

But what really struck me, and the reason I am writing this post, was not so much the endless photos of rising waters where usually there was land.

What struck me was this photo of a supermarket with empty shelves:

On the one hand, supplies are disrupted. On the other, people ‘panic buy’.

Australia seems a long way away. But climate change is global. There is nothing to say that the same won’t happen here next week, next month, next year.

And when it does, as it continues to more and more often in different places around the world, the way we are living now is not prepared to deal with it.

We need to grow more local food. We need to cut carbon emissions and get the level of CO2 in the atmosphere down to 350 parts per million. And to do that we need to insulate our homes, use renewable energy, and travel less.

We need to rebuild a sense of community in Farnham. If we don’t then crisis events like flooding and severe snow are going to do it for us.

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One Response to Floods in Australia

  1. Gayle says:

    Yes! I agree.
    In 2010, it is thought that nine-tenths of the 950 natural disasters recorded were weather-related events such as storms and floods. Now in 2011, climate change is continuing to have a massive impact around the world. In Australia and Brazil, more floods have killed many and now it is Britain’s turn. Wales, the south-west, the midlands and the north east have all been issued flood warnings with half of January’s predicted rainfall predicted to fall over the next few days.

    With people around the world refusing to live up to the fact that climate change is the direct cause of extreme weather conditions, things can only get worse. According to the ABI, nearly 500,000 people are at risk of flooding in UK alone and this is thought to rise to 840,000 by 2035. All we can do is to be prepared and adequately covered in the event that we lose our home and its possessions in the event of a disaster. Here are some tips to help you to be prepared for the worst.

    • Stay Informed – Keep up to date with the news and weather forecasts and for more up-to-date information, check the MET Office website for information on your local area.

    • Pack an Emergency Kit – If a flood was to hit Farnham, you may only have minutes to evacuate. Your emergency kit should include: ID, money, a change of clothing and any medication that is required.

    • Stock up on sandbags – Purchase as many sandbags as required to limit the amount of water that can enter you home in the event of a flood.

    • Move your possessions upstairs – All electrical items, rugs, important documents and anything of sentimental value should be moved upstairs out of harms way.

    • Contact Numbers – Keep all emergency contact numbers written down and in a safe place. This should also include the number for your home insurance provider and your policy number.

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