Notes from Monday’s meeting

Those present: Tom, Paula, Joyce, Pam, Ian, and David.

Tom updated the group on the Wayside Greenway and the Scholars Greenway. Both greenways use strategic routes to navigate the town. He said there was the potential for an ‘at-grade’ crossing to be put in across Longbridge Road which would help serve as both a crossing and a traffic calming measure. Signage was discussed. Casper has helped to design a sign that will be placed along part of the Scholars Greenway (along the South of Farnham Park) marking the route. Although verbal agreement has been given that this can be used, Tom will try to get written permission from the Council before any are erected. Tom also informed the group that due to the development taking place on Monkton Lane, a new Toucan crossing will be put in at the six-bells roundabout on Hale Road – where the cycle path currently crosses the road, and which is very hard to cross at busy times. Huzzah!

David informed the group about the Orchard Survey that he is conducting on behalf of the People’s Trust for endangered species. David has been given two areas in Farnham in which to conduct the survey. He has found a number of neglected Orchards, which have the potential to become ‘community orchards’. He has talked to FLFI about them.

Ian talked about the ‘Kids Fest’ at Bishops Meadow – which will take place in the second week of September, and hopes to attract 5000 people. Volunteers are needed to help.

The issue of the removal of Free Parking in Farnham was discussed. Could this be used to encourage more cycling within Farnham?

Joyce talked about Alice Holt and the issue of the sell-off of the Forests. She was unsure whether despite the Governments recent back-down, there were still residual issues?

Pam talked about the waste food thrown away by supermarkets – and wondered what, if anything, could be done to reduce it.

Paula wanted to talk about buying groups, but as time ran out this will be saved until the next meeting.

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