“Sustainable food is the biggest social movement since civil rights”

Now here’s a different take on growing your own.

“Sustainable food is the biggest social movement since civil rights.”

That is the view from a recent independently-organised TED event in Manhattan (of all places).

It stopped me in my tracks. I thought about it for a bit. And then I thought, “Yes, you’re right.”

The “top takeaways” of the event included:

  • Food is not the problem – food is the solution. Solving our problems with food will go a long way to helping solve our problems with climate change, environmental destruction, deforestation, water scarcity, hunger, poverty, etc.
  • In this way the food movement is arguably the biggest social movement since civil rights in the 1960s. It also has potential to do what the environmental movement failed to do – to mobilize and actually solve global problems.
  • Worldwide, interest in sustainable food is exploding. An event that was not publicly promoted and had just over 200 seats for the audience received 800 applications in two months. Of the 14,000 computers tuned in to the event, more than 1,400 were from Brazil; 1,400 from Germany; over 1,100 from Italy, and even 738 computers were watching from India!
  • There are solutions to problems with our food system – and there are people working on those solutions all over the globe. For example, new distribution systems for local food are being developed, as evidenced by speaker Michael Conard from the Urban Design Lab at Columbia University; and speaker Britta Riley is using global mass participation to fuel a movement toward growing food in windows;.

For more details, click here.

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