LCCN Newsletter – Issue 36

Welcome to the 36th LCCN newsletter! These come to you regularly with updates on what the Network is doing, other developments and, if you tell us, what you’re doing. We’re keen to find contributors who could send us an update (monthly?) on whats happening in their region that may be of interest elsewhere. Please forward this to anyone who may be interested, reminding them that they can get their own copy at:

  • UK Climate Action Map
  • The recently-launched  EnergyShare fund
  • Getting local authorities to do more to reduce carbon emissions
  • The Localism Bill
  • The Big Climate Connection
  • The UK ‘Carbon Plan’
  • Joseph Rowntree Foundation report on the impact of climate change on coastal communities
  • Training course on Engaging Communities
  • Climate Week Pub Quiz
  • Shifting Spring: Arctic plankton now blooming up to 50 days earlier
  • University of Edinburgh hosts innovative climate conference

Put yourself on our Map
The UK Climate Action Map continues to grow and develop: whatever you’re doing around climate change, we’d like to get you (and all our members) on the Map. It’s easy, and can offer a link direct to your group’s email or website. Go to to see the map, and click on ‘Add Content’ to the right of the map. You’ll need to register on your first visit (short and simple). Last week we met with the EnergyShare project (see below) to discuss how our map and their new map of local energy projects can share information – watch this space for more details.

EnergyShare take big steps forward

They recently launched the EnergyShare fund ( and have up to £500,000 initially available to fund renewable energy projects. Now EnergyShare “are calling for communities across the UK to register their interest for the fund. And this is just the beginning. With our founding partners, British Gas, EnergyShare is committed to distributing a further £3m to community renewable projects over the next 3 years. EnergyShare is a 100% renewable energy community, giving everyone in the UK the opportunity to get involved in sourcing, using, and generating your own renewable energy.”
EnergyShare are also launching lots of exciting new features on the energyshare web site, including:
WATTS GOING ON? – A tool to log and celebrate the renewable energy communities and individuals are generating –
– check your energy use as an individual against the national average, which you can do once you are registered.
– Follow our households over the course of a year and find how they get on with the gadgets we provide them, the challenges they’re set and their video diaries!
Plus there’s improved functionality for groups, a better information database and new case studies.
To get more information about the fund and register your interest in applying click here.

Local Authority Action
The best local authorities are already leading ambitious action to cut carbon emissions from homes, businesses and transport locally. Trailblazing action includes street-by-street home insulation, better transport planning and supporting local green energy production. But most councils are not doing nearly enough Stop Climate Chaos is backing the call of leading councils from all political parties for the Energy Bill to make emissions reduction a core responsibility of every council – to help meet UK Climate Change Act targets. The councils see that delivering on climate change creates jobs, helps tackle fuel poverty and brings local economic renewal. But they also see that without a legal duty to deliver on emissions reduction, as well as on climate adaptation, funding pressures will lead – and are leading – to this work being shelved and the council officers with responsibilities in this area losing their jobs.

For more on this click here.

Planning in a Local Context

The Localism Bill is working its’ way through Parliament. Organisations such as TCPE, ACRE and many others have briefings. As a starting point we’ve added a CLG background briefing (a powerpoint presentation) to our website – to download it click here.

Building the Big Climate Connection
So what does the Big Climate Connection look like? Check out the latest media coverage
Take a look at our lobby map to see what’s going on in your area – there are lobbies and public meetings set up across England and Wales. And there are more details on public meetings here.
If there’s nothing going on in your area, why not arrange a lobby meeting with your MP this April?
We need as many people as possible to make sure our MPs understand the opportunity the upcoming Energy Bill represents for delivering on the Climate Act targets. Without laying out concrete plans to mitigate climate change, the Climate Act is futile, and we have 2 months to get the right level of ambition into the Energy Bill.
With your help we can make sure our MPs understand the importance of turning their words into action on climate change!  For more information on the Big Climate Reconnection visit –
to get a taste of what communities like yours are asking their MPs this spring – fantastic work Manchester!

UK Carbon Plan Imminent
Guardian / Observer readers will have seen the main article looking at the imminent publication of a UK ‘Carbon Plan’. After a series of environmental foul-ups (forestry and possible speed limit increases) and the ongoing FITS chaos this is an attempt to regain some initiative.
After the embarrassment of last week’s new Defra Sustainable Development framework was condemned by Jonathon Porritt in his ever-excellent blog (  as “without a doubt the most disgraceful government document relating to Sustainable Development that I have ever seen”, they may be looking for some better coverage… 

UK Climate Impacts
The other big news story is the work by the Joseph Rowntree Foundation on the impact of climate change on coastal communities.
It’s now online at –

While their background work on this and related issues is at –


New Talk Action training course: Engaging Communities on Climate Change
This new course focuses on the skills needed to develop long-term engagement of civil society organisations, groups and individuals in work on climate change and low-carbon living.
The new Localism Bill stresses the need for better community engagement: the question is how to make that engagement happen on this complex issue. It takes place on Thursday April 7, 2011 in London – for full details see –

Climate Week Pub Quiz
There are a growing number of events listed for Climate Week (two weeks to go). If you’ve not planned anything you could consider their climate week pub quiz as a way of getting to a new audience…
To receive your free Climate Week Quiz pack with the questions and publicity posters, REGISTER by 14 March 2011 at –

Shifting Spring: Arctic plankton blooming up to 50 days earlier now
And one more worrying story… see the US Washington Post for full details:

University of Edinburgh hosts innovative climate conference
17 February 2011

● 20 contributors from 16 universities, colleges and non-profit organisations

● Chance to meet with specialists who have designed and implemented innovative low carbon, life changing programmes
● Get to know how environmental projects come to life from inception to implementation and evaluation from the best people in the field
In a time of all talk and little action, University and college communities are making real changes towards a low carbon world. Friday 18th and Saturday 19th of March, the University of Edinburgh will be home to Grassroots Climate Exchange, a unique event gathering more than 20 contributors from 16 universities, colleges and non-profit organisations, including the Environmental Association of Universities and Colleges, the University of Edinburgh, the University of St. Andrews, Aberdeen University Students’ Association, and People & Planet.

The full listing of the programme and venues can be found here, plus a very special guest to be announced for the closing talk. To register for the event, please access:

The full programme will be available online on 1st March 2011.
Check for
LCCN Facebook page
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Tell us your stories
We are very keen to get local news – reports, project launches, meetings etc.. Send us the details!

Website: 08/03/2011

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