LCCN Newsletter 38

Sorry for the tiny font — I don’t have time to go through and edit it out this week.
Welcome to the 38th LCCN newsletter! These come to you regularly with updates on what the Network is doing, other developments and, if you tell us, what you’re doing. We’re keen to find contributors who could send us an update (monthly?) on whats happening in their region that may be of interest elsewhere. Please forward this to anyone who may be interested, reminding them that they can get their own copy at:

Local Council Climate Staff Cuts: WE NEED YOUR HELP!
Last week we highlighted the issue of cuts to council staff working on low carbon issues. After discussion with others we are now launching a survey to try and get clearer information on this.
We are very aware that many local councils are cutting staff working on climate and environment issues but there is no clear picture of how widespread this is.
Please go on-line to –
Take the time to complete this brief survey. It will need some research – you will probably need to ring any contact that you have in your local council. It’s obviously very important that this information is accurate! If you work for a council we’d be very happy to receive the information direct.
We will use the data to raise concerns nationally about the impacts of these cuts on Britain’s moves to a low carbon future. If there are 300 or so fewer people working on these issues (it may be more) that is very bad news. When we have the figures we will produce an overview report – you will get a copy.
Please help with this. Please also try and complete the survey by the end of March – this will mean we have the data for the start of the new financial year.

Climate Week is on…

…though much of the publicity has focused on sponsors that include the RBS bank and Tescos. The launch was an extremely corporate affair (which does highlight how far we have taken the issue!).

A report by the PLATFORM organisation and supported by many NGOs was released to highlight RBS’s active involvement in financing new coal mining.
A report is online here.

To view a short video click here.

There were those of us who thought that while the sponsors may be a bit dodgy, the idea of climate week publicity in every Tescos would get to a much wider audience. But so far a quick survey of a few Tescos shows little / no sign of climate week. Any activity where you are? Let us know.

The Climate Week awards included some good projects – congrats to Settle Hydro for their winning project.  And hopefully all those other events, quizzes etc. will all play their part. And here’s hoping for cleaner sponsors next year!

Conference Report
Yes, it’s nearly out. There’s been some delays on the Communities and Climate Action Conference report but it will be done this week.
Watch next week’s newsletter!

A Useful Update – Thanks Guernsey

There’s a tendency for larger conferences to put their presentations on line. The recent SDUK event did this, and the good people at Sustainable Guernsey have taken the very interesting presentation by Defra’s key advisor, Bob Watson, and put it on their site with a summary and some useful links:
It’s Earth Hour on Saturday!
There’s still time to organise for Earth Hour 2011, the annual hour-long switch off on March 26th at 8.30pm. You could simply have a candle-lit party!

For full details see – and

They say one billion people will take part….

The Cocoon Affinity Deal
Help your community save both CO2 and money by helping them to get a great deal on home insulation.
The United Sustainable Energy Agency (USEA) is a non-profit energy agency that operates the service Cocoon. Cocoon is a free impartial referral service for loft and cavity wall insulation. Cocoon lets you compare price, time to installation and satisfaction ratings that customers have provided for each insulation installer.
More information is available at:

In order to maximise installations and therefore CO2 reduction USEA is encouraging community groups to join our affinity scheme.
For each referral that comes through a groups personalised Cocoon URL we will give the group £2.50. (This can be transferred at the end of a 3 month or 6 month period, or the group can request gifts e.g. energy monitors of the equivalent monetary value.)
So for 100 referrals your groups will receive £250!
If you are interested in registering please contact Mat Roberts:

UK Aware ‘An exhibition with real integrity!’
UK AWARE is Britain’s largest, longest running and best-loved sustainable lifestyle show. It’s at London Olympia on the 25th and 26th March.
UK AWARE has also created a discount code LCCN which gives LCCN members discounted tickets for £5 (full price £7). To get the discount just write the code in the promotional box at the ticket booking page which can be found

LCCN Facebook page
Please like the Low Carbon Communities facebook page here.
Tell us your stories
We are very keen to get local news – reports, project launches, meetings etc.. Send us the details!

Website: 22/03/2011

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One Response to LCCN Newsletter 38

  1. Gayle says:

    Climate Week has a large banner outside Tescos in Aldershot and another in Bordon’s store. Climate Week T shirts are on sale through tescos online, according to an email I received as a Tescos shopper.

    At yesterday’s inaugural Eco-Schools for Early Years conference I featured Climate Week as a spur for action.

    Our low-key Low Carbon Dinner on Monday night was a lovely event where we highlighted raw and one-pot, low energy cooking, and locally-sourced produce (the wine was Spanish rather than Chilean). I was reminded of the Victorian’s penchant for growing pineapples, melons etc in hotbeds, here in England. To lower our carbon footprint through food miles, growing our own ‘exotic’ fruit and veg will become a fashionable thing to do, as it was over a century ago.

    Tomorrow I will be training 30 teachers from Aldershot how to teach sustainable and environmental education, outdoors, where we can see the impact of our actions. Regardless of who the sponsors are, Climate Week is an opportunity for us to come together and share our interest and belief that by working together we can make a difference.

    Have a good one!

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