A Solar Transition is Possible

The highly-respected Institute for Policy Research & Development has looked at where we get our energy and power from.

It has concludes “that the road to a sustainable future” lies in moving away from fossil fuels, and towards renewable wind and solar energy sources.

The changeover would take 20-30 years and would use an extra amount of energy about the same as we already use in 12-18 months. So that is achievable. (It would also, of course, grow the economy, create new jobs, etc, etc.)

It can be achieved with the technologies we already have. No new technologies are needed.

And in fact these are conservative estimates — “the true … potential that is available to our society may be even more optimistic than we show.”

The primary obstacles to making this transition are non-technical: lack of political will and economic prioritisation. But “making this transition in the time scale of a few decades is imperative for global climate security.”

Hopefully someone somewhere will start to get the message soon. Help to make it happen here.

Download/read the IPRD report here.

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