Guided tour of Veolia’s Alton Recycling Plant, 10 May 2011

What really happens to all that glass, metal, plastic and paper we recycle? Here’s a chance to find out. The local branch of CPRE (Campaign to Protect Rural England) is organising a visit to the Alton recycling plant on the A31 near Alton.   It deals with what Hampshire residents you put their your ‘green’, i.e. blue dustbin. They are also visiting something called Little Busywarren Copse Composting site, near Basingstoke.

Tuesday 10th May, 10 – 12.30.   Cost:  £15 (or £13 for members of CPRE)

They say Alton is Veolia’s most technically advanced plant of its kind in the country.  And they’ve been composting green waste since 1996.

The tour starts at Alton, so we could share cars from Farnham to that.   Give Joanna (of FLF and CPRE) a ring on 850 253 if interested.   There were about 6 places left a few days ago.

Thank, Joanna, for passing this on.


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